Campaign sign for District K Alaska State Senate candidate Mia Costello
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The Issues

Mia will fight for opportunites for a better future for all Alaskans. Mia believes in:

A Strong, Diverse Alaska Economy that is Open for Business.

Mia has worked hard to promote tourism and support industries and to encourage the development of our natural resources such as oil & gas, mining, timber and fishing.

A Long-Term Energy Plan

We should encourage exploration at a time when our oil revenues are declining so that our North Slope oil keeps working for Alaska. Mia has worked to bring our natural gas to markets and encourage viable clean energy projects.

Government Accountability

Mia will work on a long-term fiscal plan and she will keep government small. She believes in saving for a rainy day.

Education for All Students

Mia is an award-winning high school government teacher and has worked with disadvantaged youths who are behind in reading and writing. Mia will base education policy on “best practices” – what has been shown to garner results in our classrooms. Mia knows that meaningful vocational education helps students who are entering the job market and students who go on to college. Job readiness is important to Mia and she supports teachers who are on the front lines of educating Alaska’s students every day.

Supporting Life, and Alaska's Families

Mia is the pro-life, pro-family candidate. Mia was one of the primary sponsors of the parental notification initiative in 2010.

Supporting our Military

Mia’s father served in World War II and she believes in supporting military members and their families.

Safe, Productive Communities

As a victim of crime, Mia knows how important it is that our state laws are tough on criminals. She supports efforts to make our communities safe, including everything from the laws that protect individuals to the roads that we travel every day.

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