Campaign sign for District K Alaska State Senate candidate Mia Costello
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Mia's Record

Developing Alaska’s Economy

  • Mia’s groundbreaking legislation makes Alaska one of the most attractive state for high-growth start-up companies.
  • Mia fought to promote tourism and resource development.
  • Mia worked to increase oil production and fill the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Smaller, More Accountable State Government

  • Mia worked to restrain the growth of government.
  • Mia led efforts to cut red tape for state permits.
  • Mia co-sponsored legislation to require regular performance audits of all state agencies.

Affordable Energy for All Alaskans

  • Mia voted to increase job opportunities and bring long term, affordable energy to Alaskans through a gas pipeline.
  • Mia supports viable clean energy projects.

Better Education for All Alaskan Students

  • Mia has voted to increase education spending every year and voted to increase the BSA.
  • Mia has voted every year to forward fund education.
  • Mia introduced legislation to allow more predictability in funding for schools.
  • Mia supports charter schools and vocational education opportunities.

Supporting the Military

  • Mia is a voice of support for military members and their families.
  • Mia has voted for the veterans tax credit, easier professional licensing for spouses of the military, and benefits for military families.

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